Once you've successfully fought off Diablo IV Gold Castle Cyrangar, you'll unlock two playable modes (Standard mode and Endless mode) to defend your castle. If you're a veteran of Overwatch this game will play similar to Junkenstein's Revenge where you'll need to survive against an onslaught of enemies that come your way each round.

You'll get sweet rewards such as Ancestral Weapons in addition to Invocation Gear that can cause you to activate your Ancestral Weapon impacts.

While the release of Overwatch 2 has been a bit muddied thanks to the sequel-that's-not-really a sequel rollout/F2P transition, there's little doubt that Diablo 4, an actual sequel, is going to be an absolute monster for a beleaguered Blizzard.

There are reports spreading that Diablo 4 is a lot closer than people think. The Windows Central's Jez Cordon and Xbox Era are both saying the fact that Diablo 4 is set to launch in April 2023, preorders will begin in December. It's likely it will be the case that Diablo 4 will have a large presence at the December Game Awards, possibly when the exact date of launch is to be announced, and when preorders will be available.

It's really hard to imagine to think that Diablo 4 Gold for sale could be just six months away. We've only seen a tiny amount of footage from the game, in general but we have read enormous, long blog posts on its different platforms, including details about it being a live game and also that it wasn't going to be selling power like its demented sibling mobile game Diablo Immortal.